A Word From Advisor & MP
Ms Denise Phua
01 January 2015:
2014 was a year that was both happy and sad

The Government has announced several important GOOD NEWS...

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Serving Kampong Glam
MP House Visit
09 August 2014:
We must never take our peace, security, jobs, schools and homes for granted
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01 January 2014:
To bring out the best that is in us
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05 July 2012:
New programmes started
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02 May 2012:
Finding the Good in Others
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20 January 2012:
The Elephant and the 6 Blind Men
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25 July 2010:
The best things in life such as families, good friends and neighbours cannot be bought.
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04 March 2010:
Budget Speech on Productivity, Aged, Disabled and Babies
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01 December 2009:
Give Thanks for Each Day
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11 May 2009:
To Have Faith and Do Not Despair
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11 June - 11 July 2016: EURO2016
EURO2016 is here! Here are the schedules for screenings at Kampong Glam CC!
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23-29 March 2015: Community Tribute
The people of Kampong Glam bid farewell with heavy hearts to our beloved founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.
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O9 August 2014: National Day Observance Ceremony
Kampong Glam held it's annual National Day Observance Ceremony on 9th August.
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27 May 2014: Ms Denise Phua appointed as the Mayor of Central Singapore CDC
Our heartiest congratulations to Ms Denise Phua to her new appointment as the Mayor of Central Singapore CDC with effect from 27 May 2014.
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07 September 2013: Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations at Albert Mall
Come to Albert Mall to soak in the festive atmosphere.
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09 August 2013: Kampong Glam National Day Observance Ceremony
We, the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people, ...
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15 June 2013: Kampong Glam Dumpling Festival Celebration Dinner
Yam Yam!
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January-December 2012: Breakfast With Love
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National Day Observance Ceremony Cum Healthy Walk 2012
Loving Singapore, Our Home.
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Kampong Glam CCC Bursary 2012
Need a little help for you?
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Media Report:

Hungry in Singapore?

She pulls out a clean plate and a spoon from a recycled shopping bag, and lines up to hand the plate over to the food servers...
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04 June 2016

Breakfast with Love @ Kampong Glam CC
Health Talk @ Kampong Glam CC (CFAA)
Dumpling Festival Fair @ Albert Mall Opening
Dumpling Festival Dinner @ Kampong Glam CC

12 June 2016

Breakfast with Love @ King Georges Avenue

18 June 2016

Breakfast with Love @ Rowell Court
Family Run @ Kallang Riverside

25 June 2016

Breakfast with Love @ Kent Ville

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